Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Make-Up 101

Im excited about my Community Partnership with Engagement Therapy and Day Spa www.tranquillityspa.com!!! As of August 2010, We have decided to have Make-up 101 Worskhops every 4th Saturday of the month!!! The workshop is $80 and it is ideal for Models, aspiring MUAs and beginners!!! The next class is scheduled for September 25th!!! For more info, just vidit the website! Thanks!

CornerStore Movie

From June 1 to June 19 I worked on the movie CornerStore!!! I was very excited because it was my first "Feature Film!!" It was a wonderful experience working the crew as well as doing make-up for the actors.

Movie Info

Roger Guenveur Smith, Lawrence Lamount Jenkins, Mike Bonner, Martini Harris, Bill Hill, Judge Mathis & Trick Trick

Screenplay By: Joe Doughrity
Directed By: Joe Doughrity
Produced By: Global Pictures/Shotown Pictures
Awards: Special Preview Selection in August's PeachTree Village Film Festival. Atlanta, GA.
Plot Outline: In the tradition of Friday, Clerks and Barbershop, CornerStore chronicles a day-in-the-life of an inner city liquor store on Detroit's Six Mile Road.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok, My 2 past photo shoots the weekend of May 8th was WONDERFUL...worked with Brittani Shantel Jackson Photography, Kennard LaJuan and had a prom Job. I will be featured as MUA for Black Iced Calendar. I also landed a job as MUA for a movie entitled "Absence of Innocence" Coming soon!!! Life is great for Jungle Rose right now!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm New to the blog thing!

Ok, SO I decided to try this whole BLOG thingy out. Well, mainly because I see it so much, I want to know if people will take to it or how affective it will be...who knows!!! I may need a little help though. I had created a video for daytime make-up (tutorial) to add on here and you know it would not download to my PC? SUCKS....wasted 17 minutes of my time....SMH